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    • Women & Enlightenment documentary in production

      Just finished a week of filming for the next Tears of the Buddha film - Women & Enlightenment: The Emergence of Divine Yin. Will post pictures and clips soon.

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    • Tears of the Buddha Dokumentation kommt nach München Sonntag 25 Mai 19.00 Uhr

      Der amerikanische Filmemacher Joel Lesko und seine Frau Angelika kommen nach München! Im Klangheilzentrum (Nähe Harras) zeigen sie Szenen aus ihrem neuen Dokumentarfilm 'Tears of the Buddha: Spiritualität und Emotionen'. Dieser außergewöhnliche Film erforscht anhand von Interviews mit 12 bekannten spirituellen Lehrern, u.a. Gangaji, Eli Jaxon Baer und Karl Renz,...

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    • News for 2014

      After the screenings in Washington DC at BuddhaFest and New York City's Meta Center where we had more than 65 people, we took the rest of 2013 to explore distribution deals and regroup for 2014. We continue to get great feedback from people who rent the film online here or purchase...

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    • The BuddhaFest full-day screening in DC

      230 people attended the BuddhaFest full-day screening  in Washington DC. It was a terrible rainy day, the third in a row. I think people were pushed to the brink by the weather and also the depression of the government shut-down. Maybe that's why the event was such a success.  I showed the...

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    • NY Premiere Tuesday October 15th

      Join us for the NY premiere of Tears at the META Center on Tuesday Oct 15 at 7:15. After the screening, Angelika and I will be part of a panel discussion hosted by Alan Steinfeld, of New Realities TV. Tickets for the screening are $15 in advance link to Paypal purchase, or...

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Watch Tears of the Buddha now - rent it for $5.99

Watch it now for $5.99. Click on the "RENT MOVIE" button 
Tears of the Buddha: Spirituality & Emotions explores the spiritual path through the lens of emotion. Director Joel Lesko interviews modern Buddhistic, non-dual oriented teachers to find out how their teachings apply in daily life - are emotions an impediment to spiritual growth? What about so-called unspiritual emotions like anger and hate? Do emotions trap a seeker in the personal self?  
Tears is a serious look at an area of life that is often confusing and problematic for people in spiritual practices. Rather than yet another documentary about a teacher's enlightenment or awakening, Tears of the Buddha questions age-old teachings about emotions and leads to an important conversation about individual selfhood - is it real or is it an illusion? Lesko shares his own experiences and interviews leading teachers including Gangaji, Eli-Jaxon-Bear, Jeff Foster, Daniel Barron, Pamela Wilson, Rupert Spira, Mukti, John de Ruiter, Peter Fenner, Judith Blackstone, Karl Renz and Jon Bernie. The film is 70 minutes in length.  
Upcoming Screenings:  If you'd like to bring Tears to your community, just give us a call or drop an email. I'd be glad to consider screening the film in your community. 

In Germany, Tears of the Buddha is available through our distributor, Kamphausen. They offer a PAL version of the DVD. Purchase it here
Info about the streaming rental: Payment is safe and secure. Within a few clicks, you'll be watching the full documentary. Streaming Rentals allow one complete viewing. Access expires after 30 days or after you have resumed a video the fifth time.